WAVE, Inc. Creative and Performing Arts 

By Caprenia Anthony

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Rise and Shine!


Every young person deserves an opportunity to take part in some form of the arts.  In a world where there is a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, while becoming increasingly diverse and oriented around technology and creativity -
PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAMS are the key to helping students be successful in school and life!
Did you know?
Creative and Performing Arts Programs...
IMPROVES reading comprehension and enhances clarity and creativity in both verbal and non-verbal communication
ENHANCES critical thinking skills - including skills for comparing, hypothesizing, critiquing, and exploring multiple and alternative viewpoints to make better critical judgements
CULTIVATES what it feels like to be an active member of a community and to work as a team to determine and achieve common goals
INCREASES visual analysis skills and awareness to learn from and analyze mistakes, along with a greater awareness of self (mind, body and voice) and others (collaboration and empathy)
INCREASES aptitude to do better on standardized tests with emphasis on mathematics and verbal components
STRENGTHENS problem solving, and helps to develop a sense of craftsmanship, high performance, and goal-setting skills needed to succeed in the classroom and beyond
DEVELOPS a students' capacity to persist in the face of a challenge.  Improves their ability to turn barriers into opportunities.  They overcome the difficulty in completing complex tasks, and sustain attention
DEVELOPS a deeper understanding of human behavior, motivation, diversity, culture and history
DEVELOPS  leadership skills, including decision-making, strategy building, planning and reflection

Young people who participate in 
Creative and Performing Arts Programs are...
4 Times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
3 Times more likely to be elected to class office within their schools
4 Times more likely to participate in a math and science fair
3 Times more likely to win an award for school attendance
and will... 
participate in youth groups nearly four times more frequently
read for pleasure nearly twice as often
perform community service more than four times as often