WAVE, Inc. Creative and Performing Arts 

By Caprenia Anthony

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Rise and Shine!
Our Programs
We offer the best experience for every student to shine!  
With a variety of creative and performing arts programs,
we can package a program for the classroom, after-school enrichment,
workshop or weekday/weekend seminar and more!

Class sessions are a minimum of 55 to 75 minutes. 
All classes can be taylored to your needs.  

​​Class sessions are designed to be fun, exhilarating and entertaining while students  learn to  explore themselves and their individuality.
Our  performing arts programs are unique and perfect for ages 4 and up.

Kindercare students 4 to 5 years old are offered a 35 minute creative session.

We Come To You!

  • ​​Schools (In-school or after school enrichment)
  • Colleges
  • Early Childhood Learning Centers
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Community Centers
  • Recreational Facitilities
  • Church Organizations
  • Women's Groups (Body movement, Health and Wellness, Dance Aerobics)

Star Power
Lights, Camera,
What's all the DRAMA about?


Musical Theater​

Commercial and Voice Acting

Creative Drama/Acting

This program focuses on the basic theories and styles used in a theater setting.

Students will develop skills that will sharpen them for any kind of performance on stage or just speaking in front of a group.  

Students learn the fundamentals of drama, song and dance and how these all fit together for a performance where singing and dancing is required.

Perfect for male and female students Kindergarten through 12th Grade!
This program introduces students to skills required for performances for television, commercial and radio.

Students study monologues, improvisation, voice and diction, facial expressions, body language and more. 

Students learn the fundamentals that will help keep them sharp and ready to handle any situation where they need to speak and think on their feet. 

Perfect for male and female students
1st through 12th Grades! 
This program will inspire students to cultivate their inner ability to excel and succeed in life.

Confidence, public speaking, body posture, first impressions and a strong self-image are essential to stand out in any arena.  

The way you walk, talk and how you carry yourself are important to having a polished image.  

This program is important for overall life enhancement.

Perfect for male and female students 
1st through 12th Grades!
This program will cultivate overall personal development, expression and leadership. ​

Students learn physical and narrative pantomime and exercise improvisation skills.

Students learn the fundamentals of acting, body language, eye contact and how to engage an audience in any situation with confidence..

This program puts emphasis on speaking skills and delivery along with memorization. 

Perfect for male and female students Kindergarten through 12th Grade!
End of Program Showcase
End of Program Showcase
End of Program Showcase
End of Program Showcase
Grades K-4 to Kindergarden

At this tender age, children play, laugh and learn.  They explore themselves and use their imaginations to create what they envision and act out the different worlds that they see.

We incorporate drama, music, song, movement, storytelling, visual activities and more to promote creative expression, confidence, active listening and sharing.
"Look at Me"
Regardless of age, our programs are designed to explore creativity, foster personal growth, teamwork and confidence.
Additional Programs
Dance Aerobics

We work with students who are interested in becoming a cheerleader or dance team member and for those who desire to master their techniques.  

Skills will be sharpened in cheerleading and dance with emphasis on movement, musicality, facial expression, body language, showmanship and performance ability.

NEED TRAINING for your EXISTING cheerleading or dance team?

INTERESTED IN STARTING a cheerleading and/or dance team or program at your school?


We work with students who are interested in performing in pageants or young ladies who want to feel a stronger self image when they walk into a room.  

Whether you are running for homecoming queen or the queen of your school, planning to enter a local pageant or need more confidence and stage presence, we can equip you for success.

Poise and Grace
Interviewing Skills
Talent Training and Development
​and more!


This program is unique to students, teachers and adults.

FITNESS PROGRAM with emphasis on mind, body, soul, and health and wellness!

Fitness can help enhance personal image, mental concentration, strength and flexibility, weight management, self-esteem and confidence.

Regardless of age, our programs are designed to explore creativity, foster personal growth, teamwork and confidence.