WAVE, Inc. Creative and Performing Arts 

By Caprenia Anthony

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Rise and Shine!


We believe in encouraging and praising a child for who they are by motivating them to tap into their creative abilities. 

We challenge students to use their behavior, personality and charisma to ACT OUT in a positive way.

We teach our students to believe in themselves and embrace their individuality which helps to motivate their self-confidence in the classroom, group, or before an audience, camera, and on stage.  The confidence gained builds a stronger self-esteem that can be applied to all areas of their life.
We offer students an opportunity to develop skills
and training in:

  • Musical Theater
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Modeling (Runway and Print)
  • Commercials
  • Voice-Acting (For Voice-overs)
  • Pageantry (Training, Interviewing, Talent Development etc.)
  • Cheerleading/Dance Team (Coaching and Training)
  • Production
  • Health and Wellness/Physical Fitness (Dance Aerobics)
  • Singing...and Much More!
We believe...
We know...
We care...
Performing Arts allows kids to learn to create their own success by letting go of fear and releasing their natural self expression.  

Students gain confidence, learn to think on their feet, expand creativity, improve social skills, and become more comfortable with handling new situations and transitions in their lives.

Kids learn to create and be original; thus "feeling comfortable in their own skin".
Training in Performing Arts goes several steps further in life and development.

When youth are regularly involved in acting and creative programs, they are building a presence about themselves.

Kids begin to aquire leadership, presentation and communication skills that will serve them throughout their lives.
Performing Arts helps all types of kids, no matter what their personal style or life situation.

Shy kids are given the opportunity to open up and feel more posititive; at risk or underserved kids feel a greater sense of self-worth and cultivate a better outlook on life, while gifted kids find an outlet for their creativity and energy.

Regardless of the life situation, they all acquire a love to perform at a high level whether auditioning for a debate team, trying out for cheerleader, running for class officer or simply volunterring to read aloud in front of a group.