WAVE, Inc. Creative and Performing Arts 

By Caprenia Anthony

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Rise and Shine!


​Women Achieving Victory Through Excellence 
is a not-for-profit 501(c) 3 achievement and empowerment organization founded in January 2007 with a purpose to develop and cultivate the gifts and talents of youth from all walks of life.

We encourage young people to tap into their inner self and creative expression through various forms of performing arts to help develop their personal best for life success!

Our Mission is to advocate and champion the educational, personal, professional and developmental needs of youth through creative and performing arts programs.  

We Seek to bridge the gap within schools, youth organizations and groups, churches, outreach programs and more by offering taylor-made programs to engage kids and expose them to life skills that will enrich  and enhance their lives forever!

Our Program Initiatives are specifically focused to help groom and foster leadership, build character along with helping students to develop a greater self-presence, stronger self-image and self-esteem all while allowing them to have their own freedom of expression and have fun! 

Our programs help to sharpen 

We believe that every child is born with 
talents and special gifts!  

OUR PRIORITY is to help cultivate those talents and gifts to bring out the very best in every young person AND equipt them in becoming well-rounded, productive members of our society!